Environmental & Consumer Affairs

The European trading sector is committed to providing safe products to consumers and welcomes measures that support this. Trust is the basis for consumer satisfaction and a good relationship between sellers and buyers. FTA stands for proportionate and predictable legislation and supports members to implement European and national laws on environmental and consumer protection.

In recent years, demand for high quality, sustainable consumer goods has translated into a sharp rise in legal obligations for retailers and importers. It’s crucial to find the right balance between improving consumer and environmental protection and avoiding unnecessary additional costs for businesses.

Over the last decades, the EU has emerged as the leading regulatory force worldwide in the field of environmental and consumer protection standards. In many cases, legislation designed for internal purposes also strongly affects commodity flows (e.g. REACH, Biocides Regulation, Timber Regulation, etc.). FTA calls for systematic assessments of the external impact of European legislation and champions smooth application of legislative acts.