ITP Services

International Trade Policy services support FTA members in several areas:

Representation and Advocacy: Through its strong relations with relevant decision-makers and negotiators, we advocate and promote free trade and sustainable supply chains with key international, European and national interlocutors to ensure that the voice of your company is heard

Policy Updates: FTA issues regular updates to keep members up-to-date on the latest trade issues and provide exclusive information on topics that may impact business. You can use this information to communicate and share your views directly with your national stakeholders

Individual Advice: FTA’s team of experts provides members with professional advice and practical support on technical and legal trade issues

Network: When joining our association, you can participate in the International Trade Policy committee to address sensitive issues with like-minded peers from other companies. We organise regular regional conferences and topic-related seminars for its membership and a major annual trade policy conference in Brussels as well as regular round table and ad-hoc meetings exploring trade-related topics. Read more.